A Change Of My Blog Name

Hey there, fellow bloggers!

I just wanted to let you all know about my blog name change!

Until just now, I have been known as ‘girlandthedragon’

As stated in my page ‘Who Am I?’ I explained that I chose this name, as I have a large tattoo of a dragon on my left arm, which is something that people remember me for.

‘girlandthedragon’ is also my instagram username (which I have chosen to keep) but I feel that my blog needed a name change..

My posts are all very random as you will know, and are about my opinions and thoughts, as well as life experiences that I feel I can share with you wonderful people.

I feel my new blog name ‘laurensaysitall’ is more catchy, and gives more of a personal touch, as I really do say it all in my blog. I write posts that I hope interest you all and capture your attention.

I just wanted to update you all, and hope I don’t confuse anyone by the name change.

Stay smiling, and keep being awesome!!

Lauren xo


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