The Freedom Driving Gives You

I am now 20, and passed my driving test earlier this year.
All my friends had passed well before me, some even a few months after their 17th birthday..
I started lessons just after my 17th birthday, but slowly started cutting down as I was at college in the week, and was working weekends.
I eventually stopped all together until I was 19, and could afford the lessons, and eventually to buy a car, and keep up with the insurance.
I started lessons with a different company, and could really see the difference between the teaching skills!
My new instructor was so friendly, but firm and helped me get over my fears.
After I felt confident enough too and studying like crazy, I booked my theory test.

When I turned up for my theory test it turned out that I had got the date wrong.
I have shared this experience in an earlier post – ‘No Common Sense’ as it is quite an amusing story.
I ended up having to cancel the date my test was actually booked for due to work commitments.
I then waited a while and booked again.
I passed second time.
The first time I failed by one mark how annoying!
And the second time I passed by one mark!
Ahh I was so happy walking out of that building with my certificate!

After a couple of months worth of lessons (two a week) my instructor said I was ready for my practical test.
I was so nervous but excited!
I passed my test first time and was over the moon!
I had already bought a car prior to this which was sitting on my drive, waiting for me..
I remember rushing home after my test and calling everyone I know to tell them the good news!
Finally I had done it!
I insured my car straight away and went out on the road for a good two hours.
I built up my confidence even more and put my mind at ease.
It felt so weird driving around on my own for the first time!

My friends had all been driving for a while, so I was ecstatic to finally be able to drive!
Me and my other half work together, so he would always drive us both into work and take us home; which meant if he was running late, then so was I. And if he had to stay late, so did I, which was so annoying.
Now I can drive the independence it has given me is incredible!
If I need to go round the corner, I don’t have to walk in horrible weather, and struggle home with bags of shopping; or bug Rob for a lift. I can just get in my car and go!
It’s such an amazing feeling to finally gain that independence!


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