That Love/Hate Relationship With Coffee

Until this past week I hated coffee..
I couldn’t stand the smell of it, let alone the taste..
I remember once when I was doing work experience in an advertising company up London, I went for lunch with the manager, and after she said let’s have a coffee. I agreed as I thought ‘oh I can just have a hot chocolate’ we walked into this coffee shop in Camden, and the girl behind the counter asked me what I wanted. I said ‘just a hot chocolate please’
The woman with me looked confused and said ‘why are you not getting a coffee?’ As if I had said something rude.
I then said these few words that I wish I had never said at this time..
‘I have never tried coffee’
Well a few words that are so innocent to me, caused people nearby in the shop to gasp and turn around.
Honestly it was like a scene from a play..
The jaw of the woman serving me just dropped.
I was then asked why I had come to a coffee shop..
I cannot believe the looks on these people faces, it was if I had said ‘hi I have 10 arms, and am actually 80 years old, I just look a lot younger’

Everyone just looked completely horrified

The woman with me then said ‘well try it’ I wasn’t too keen, but she said ‘don’t just get plain coffee get something to ease you into it’
I hadn’t a clue what that meant, but then the lady serving suggested a toffee latte that they currently did.
I agreed and tried it, and was highly disappointed.
All I could taste was coffee and I didn’t like it one bit..
However I pretended that it was drinkable just to stop everyone thinking I was weird.

It wasn’t until the other week, I decided to try a mocha. I don’t know why I decided too, I just thought why not?
Well in fact I loved it!
I thoroughly enjoyed that cup, and have had one several times a week since!
I have even been drinking coffee with sugar at work, and have been able to do it without pulling a look of disgust!

I know coffee is not that great for you, but it really does give me that energy boost I need to keep me going at work.


3 thoughts on “That Love/Hate Relationship With Coffee

  1. grhambley says:

    Mocha’s, Latte’s … what a terrible thing to do to coffee … as bad as putting ginger ale in your beer

    Coffee please in the pint cup … just leave a bit of room for a wee bit of cream


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