Just That Little Bit Of Excercise

What is it they say?
That you are meant to do at least 10 minutes of Excercise everyday..
Every website I go to says something different..
If I’m honest I used to be a fitness freak.. I used to go on a 4 hour walk with my friend a couple of times a week.
I used to go the gym every other day.
And I used to work out in my mums garage, 20 minutes on the treadmill, 15 on the punch bag, and 30 on the excercise bike..
Since I moved out I have become sooo lazy!
Especially as I’m driving now, I barely walk anywhere.
I started going to a boxing club again with my dad but have left now due to not always having the time to go.

I now feel I should start making more of an effort to work out, and have started doing some ab crunches to tone my stomach.
I am a size 6 so everyone always says that I’m silly.
But keeping fit is not only good for your body but also for your mind..
I feel it gives you a positive view on yourself and your body..
Don’t get me wrong it can be extremely hard to motivate yourself..
Especially now it’s winter, you just want to snuggle up on the sofa when you get home from work.
But I think it is important to take care of yourself, and keep fit, so you are able to do things that you couldn’t before; such as moving furniture a bit easier if you have to, or silly things that require you to be in good shape.

I have started doing 20-30 ab crunches a day.
(It’s only been 3 days, so the progress is not showing yet)
But I feel good after it, and I look forward to just relaxing more than I used to; and can just sit down and put my feet up without feeling lazy, or that I could be exercising or doing something better.

Yes I know it’s only been 3 days, but I can feel the benefits already..

I have also downloaded a 7 minute fitness app, which you can get from the AppStore – ‘Fit In 7 Min’
Which gives you several different exercises, all 30 seconds each. And a video plays on your screen which shows how you do each excercise. It also has a couple of seconds rest in-between each excercise.
You can track your progress with this app, and choose a workout routine.
You can also follow people on there to see their progress, and share photos..
I think sharing photos is good, as you can see other peoples progress and it motivates you..

Well okay, I haven’t actually started it yet, but I will, I promise!


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