When Is The Right Time To Start Your Christmas Shopping?

So I have always wondered about people’s opinions on this..
When is an acceptable time to start your Christmas Shopping?

I actually know people who start buying presents in September!
I am awful..
Completely last minute.com
Every year I say I need to start getting everything sorted earlier and not keep leaving it to the last minute!
But I have never changed..
I will get the odd couple of bits at the end of November, and the rest is bought in December!
I always leave everything to the last minute and then hate myself for it..

This year I have already spent an absolute fortune, as my sister needed a laptop for her school work, so £400 later, that’s her present out the way with.
Me and my other half have made a deal this year and stuck to a budget as we always spend waaaay to much on each other!
I think most couples do though, you tend to get all the boring bits and essentials for them, then maybe something big that will be the main part of the gift; and then overspend on smaller products, and just keep buying more and more..
It’s terrible but so easy to do!

I refuse to go shopping from November onwards..
I literally will not to go to a shopping centre between November and January due to all the chaos and how busy it is!!
Everything is done online, and I mean everything!
I’ll nip to the co-op or the off licence when I need to, but that is as far as I will go!
When I used to work in retail, working over Christmas was hell!
All the sales, the late nights, and the early mornings.
And I mean finishing at midnight some nights, and starting at 5 some mornings.
Whenever the shop closed, us workers would still be there 3-4 hours later, tidying up all the mess the crazy shoppers and bargain hunters have made.
It’s so not fair..
Well thank god I am not in retail anymore!!

Anyway, so I think I should ideally start shopping for Christmas gifts in November, but somehow always leave it to a couple of weeks before Christmas..
It’s not always the smartest idea with delivery times, and having all that expense in one month!

What do you all think?


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