Cupcakes, Sweets & Pretty Treats

I will admit that I am a massive sugar addict.
I have always had a sweet tooth, but I have become reliant upon sugary treats to keep me going throughout the day.
Chocolate bars, doughnuts, whatever I can get my hands on really..

What I love most is pretty treats ☺️ you know when you see a really pretty cupcake that someone has made, and you just want to save it, because it looks too good to eat.
Or if someone has made/bought you a birthday cake and you just can’t bare to cut it up.
You can see all the time and effort that has gone into making such a delicious and well presented cake, you just don’t want to cut it up just yet.
So you admire it for a while and take a photograph or two just to look back on.

(Well that’s what I do anyway)

I am not actually too much of a girly girl, I’m not really into pink, and make up and the other things that stereotype people into being a girly girl..
But I do like pretty foods..

I think bakery’s and other places that serve us these sugary treats, try to make the items look extra good and tasty, by covering them in sprinkles, chocolate, or anything that catches our eye, to make us forget about the fact that they are not good for us.
Unfortunately I’m very unlucky with my skin..
I do eat a lot of chocolate throughout the day, and I have to really take care of my face.
Exfoliate, spot creams, moisturise..
Oh it’s a nightmare!
But still I can’t stop myself from having these sweet treats..
It just seems so worth the bad effects it has on my skin.
Well until I wake up the next morning, looking like a dot to dot sheet!

But still, pretty treats are the best!
And I’m sure most girly girls will agree..


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