Black Friday Scares Me

Wow, I’m all up for sales and the ‘huge’ savings, but Black Friday really does scare me..
I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and literally every single post was either a status about the event, or videos of people charging through stores and acting literally like a bull in a china shop..
I’ve seen people fighting, and being really abusive, just to get the item they want.
We would never behave like this on any other day!
But this one day a year, we a drop the politeness, and take over with anger and rudeness; pushing each other out of the way, and scrambling about on floors, just to get a saving.
It’s really quite terrifying to watch!

The thought of going to a sale at midnight and queuing endlessly to get in and grab what you want before anybody else does, scares the life out of me!
I would feel so claustrophobic with hundreds of people pouring into the store, and would want to get out as soon as possible!

I however have just been online and ordered many items that are all 60% off! And am quite happy being in the comfort of my own home to do that without being involved with all the madness!

How do you people do it?
I really could not think of a worse way to spend my time..

These are just some of the videos I have seen today of people’s behaviour during Black Friday..

Two Girls Fighting

Tesco Madness

Can we really accept this animal like behaviour?



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