10 Things Only Cold People Will Understand

I am the queen of coldness. I am always cold. I sit in my office with the heater blasting all day. When I am home, the heating is always on, and even then I smother myself with blankets, multiple pairs of socks and a thick dressing gown. I can never say that I am not even a little bit cold. These are ten things that I have come up with that only people who are always cold will understand:

1. When it gets to winter and everyone is excited about the snow, your really not.. And you dread leaving the house and avoid it as long as possible.

2. Your cares about appearance go out of the window; when you have endless layers, on and a big thick coat, scarf gloves, and your eyes watering non stop, it’s hard to maintain your looks.

3. Nights out stop all together.
The thought of going out for a drink in the evening when the weather is at it’s coldest seem crazy, and you become less and less social.

4. You find yourself constantly making hot drinks, even if it’s just too hold and warn your hands up! The cold drinks go out of the window and are replaced with constant hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

5. The thought of scraping ice off your car in the morning is your worst nightmare. You blast the heaters whilst you put on your thick gloves and can just about manage to hold the ice scraper as you remove it all from your windows.

6. You can almost kick your smoking habit. Unless you can smoke in your home, the thought of putting on lots and lots of jumpers and a coat just to go outside and have a cigarette seems just to much effort. So you smoke less and less.

7. You can it get out if bed in the morning. Even if your struggle with the mornings, it is ten times worse when it’s cold, you just want to wrap up in your duvet and stay there forever.

8. Your showers last a ridiculously long time. You put the water onto the hottest temperature and once your done washing your hair and so on, you just stand there staring into space, waiting until you can get the courage to turn the shower off and step out into that horrible cold air.

9. You own more socks than you ever have and ever will. You stock up on fluffy socks, thermals and lots and lots of pairs, including slippers; anything to keep your poor feet warm.

10. Your heating is never off, whether your at home or in the car, you cannot survive without feeling the warmth.


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