Fizzy Battles

It’s a battle between some of the most popular soft drinks!

Can you tell the difference between these brands?

Coke Vs Pepsi
7up Vs Sprite
Tango Vs Fanta

Most people I have asked have told me that they cannot tell the difference, but I can..

I prefer Coke to Pepsi, as to me Pepsi, makes my teeth feel horrible after, doesn’t taste as sweet, but is more acidic.
I prefer 7up to Sprite, as again Sprite isn’t as sweet as 7up, and is more bitter.
And I prefer tango to Fanta; I can’t quite put my finger on this one, I just don’t like Fanta as much as Tango..

If you research into it online, it will come up with pages and pages of opinions and so called facts, that are weighing up the pros and cons of each product.
Some people cannot tell the difference and some can.
I think it all comes down to the fact that they are made by different companies and may have one ingredient different to the other, we will never know.
Advertising also plays a major part in peoples decisions.
Look at all the publicity coca cola gets.. The Christmas advert is a huge success and has millions talking about it.
Because coca cola is so well known, people automatically remember it and tend to go for that rather than any other options.

What do you prefer?


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