Oh Mornings, Have A Day Off!

So we all know you can get morning people (people who prefer to get up early without any difficulty, and tend to go to bed earlier than others)
And then you get the evening people (people who find it practically impossible to get out of bed in the mornings, ignore their alarms and do everything they can to stay in bed for just that minute longer, and tend to go to bed later than others)

I am an evening person, whilst my other half is a morning person.
Rob can wake up at 5 in the morning, and will have to get out of bed instantly, the thought of laying in is impossible for him, as he has to get up straight away, but then when he gets in from work he is knackered and can’t even stay awake to watch a film that’s put on at half 7 in the evening.
Whereas I despise getting up in the morning. My alarm will go off a thousand times and I will keep ignoring it, I will wrap myself up in the duvet and pray to have more time in bed. Even when Rob gets up early, it sometimes wakes me up, but I can just fall straight back to sleep for another hour or two.
I actually get angry about having to wake up and get ready.
Grumpy is an understatement I pretty much turn into a monster, growling at the alarm clock, and anyone who tries to talk to me..
I get up at the last possible minute and rush to get ready.
I don’t think I will ever get used to the mornings. Even when I went through a long period of starting work at 7am every day, I was still so grumpy, and had to really really force myself out of bed. I could not get used to the early starts whatsoever.

I long for the weekends where I can have a lay in and be lazy.
I hate mornings and even when I’m in my 30’s plus; I still don’t think I can’t ever put up with an early morning..



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