Girls Who Draw Their Eyebrows On

To start off, before people get the wrong impression.. I used to draw my eyebrows on. And it was baaaad!

I’ll use photos of myself before, as I don’t want to embarrass the girls who still do it as that’s not fair.

I had been drawing my eyebrows on since I was 13 due to me shaving (I know) my eyebrows pretty much off.
I know.. At the time it was the fashion to have thin eyebrows.
Mine were naturally really, really thick, and I used to get teased for it.
So I over plucked and ending up shaving the middle, to the point where they never grew back and looked absolutely appalling .
I used to buy an eyebrow pencil and every day, wake up early, to draw them on from scratch.
It started off with an outline and then I used to physically colour in the shape I had drew onto my face. Oh god it was bad.
At the time I obviously thought it looked good so I carried on doing it..

I tried very hard to get rid of every photo of me with appalling eyebrows, and the worst ones are gone, but here are some bad ones that remain, with me having clearly fake and drawn on eyebrows..








After years of pencilling them on, I discovered an eyebrow powder kit you can get, so I switched from drawing them on with a pencil, to using powder and a thin brush to brush them on..
It still looked bad but wasn’t so shocking..

Early this year I heard about semi permanent make up treatments, and looked into it..
I found that I could get this treatment done, which involves a specialist tattooing each individual hair on, and local to me! And decided to go for it..
The treatment cost £300 and it was the best £300 I have, and will ever spend!
I had been thinking about it for a while but was so worried. What if I didn’t like the shape? It’s been tattooed so I’m stuck with it!
I eventually decided to be brave and do it as it would be life changing for me.
Having no eyebrows and having to go though the hassle of a drawing them on everyday was so annoying.
Especially as they used to melt if I was out in the sun! How horrifying!
People used to comment on them all the time, as it was so hard, almost impossible to get them the shape and size every day; and it really put me down.
I could never let my other half see me without them drawn on!
I had no confidence whatsoever and hated the way I looked!
I was so paranoid that people were looking at my dodgy eyebrows!

The treatment took a couple of hours, it was slightly painful but I knew it would be worth it..
When it was finished, I looked in the mirror and cried with happiness.
Finally I felt normal!
I could wake up and not have to worry about drawing on my face before I could let anyone see me!

Most girls draw their eyebrows on for effect, and do it to stand out a bit more, but for me, I did it because I had too.

This treatment has literally changed my life and has given me so much confidence!
People don’t realise what an important feature eyebrows are!
If anyone is thinking about getting semi permanent make up I would recommend it a million percent!!



7 thoughts on “Girls Who Draw Their Eyebrows On

  1. Julia Manuel says:

    My Mom has tattooed eyebrows as well, they look very natural now I forget they’re ink! So much less work too. Good for you babe! I too am happy you feel your confidence bolstered. Peace, j


  2. inyctophobic says:

    To be honest, some of those pics were not bad at all. However, I can totally see how that would be a hassle. Me… I barely get around to even plucking mine. I will admit that now that I am in my 40s I have take some extra time to trim mine up here and there. I am glad that you found something that works for you


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