Do We Not Care Enough?

I saw a video recently that really touched my heart..
It made me think about the way I act and if could be more generous.
When I see homeless people on the street, I tend to walk straight past and carry on with my day.
I’m ashamed..

We don’t know their story, why their homeless and what they have been through..
No one has a perfect life, I’m sure who most people who have a job and a roof over their head can find something to moan about, I know I do.

Youtubers OckTV conducted an experiment to see if random people would share their food.
The video which I will post below shows these guys going up to random people eating in the street and asking if they can share their food.
The answers are all no, and they keep getting rejected by everyone they approach.
They then see a homeless guy sitting down, with his little belongings and not even a pair of shoes to put on his feet.
The guys from OckTV buy him a pizza, and the homeless man cannot believe his luck. He seems astonished and you can see by his face and his reaction that he cannot wait to tuck in.
He probably hasn’t had a meal in a very long time, and has to live off of the odd change he gets from passers by if he’s lucky.
He starts eating the pizza, and it’s like he has received the best gift on the earth.
20 minutes later a guy from OckTV goes back over to him, says hello and sits down beside him.
He says how hungry he is, and asks if he can have a slice if his pizza.
The homeless guy doesn’t even hesitate, straight away he opens up the box and offers it to him.
‘Are you sure you don’t mind?’ OckTV asks him, to which the homeless man shakes his head and insists on him sharing the pizza.
You can really see how genuine he is..
The two guys sit there sharing this pizza, and the guy from OckTV thanks him again for sharing and shakes his hand. He then pulls out some cash from his wallet and gives it to the homeless man as a thank you for being kind enough to share.
The homeless man immediately thanks him and starts welling up, putting his head in his hands.

Think about this for a moment.
People who are lucky enough to have a roof over their head and food to eat, won’t give homeless people the time of day, and refuse to share with others.
Yet a homeless man who can never eat, is given food which he could make last him a few days at least, can still share with somebody else, knowing that opportunity to get given food don’t come along often and he needs to make it last..

Next time we see a homeless person, remember this video, and think that even though they have nothing left in their lives, they are probably still more generous than us, because they appreciate the little things..

Watch the video here!


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