Urban Outfitters & Why It’s Amazing

I tend to do most of my clothes shopping online, I used to work in retail and find the whole experience exhausting.
Going into a shop and being hassled by sales assistants and not being left in peace to browse just irritates me..
I prefer to do it online as it’s easier and saves you going out and spending hours walking around the shops, spending more money than necessary.

I make an exception for Urban Outfitters.
Although sometimes I do order from there online, I absolutely love the experience of going into their shop.
The layout is fantastic, and very spacious, nothing is crammed together and there is plenty of room to walk around and shop freely.
The decoration is amazing, and homely, and I find their music playlist invites you in and is my sort of music.
I have only ever been to their Bluewater store as it the closest one to me and the sales staff are so friendly and always look extremely stylish, and their outfits inspire you!
I never feel hassled by them, and think they are all an asset to the store!

Not only do they sell men and women’s clothes, but they also sell stuff for the home. They sell books, cushions, record players, phone accessories and loads of cool stuff!
I absolutely love their products, and although people may find it pricey, it’s quality is excellent and the products are always different to what you would see on the high street!

It is such an awesome shop for young people! I can’t express it enough!
If you haven’t shopped in Urban Outfitters before I would 1000% recommend it!
Go and see what all the fuss is about!





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