Dickhead Drivers

I cannot believe how many inconsiderate and rubbish drivers there are on the roads!

Not only was I in an accident a couple of weeks ago (I was a passenger in the accident and wasn’t actually driving myself) but this morning whilst I’m driving myself to work, someone decides to just drive straight into the back of me!
I was waiting to pull out into a main road and the idiot behind me just drove straight into my car!
At first I didn’t realise what happened, I thought I had driven into the kerb! But as soon as I realised, I put my hazard lights on and jumped out, and confronted the driver.
Well the pig who hit me just rolled down his window and said ‘oops’ then sped off before I could get his number plate.
What a dickhead!

I seriously think half the drivers on the roads need to re-take their test!
And the annoying thing is most of the people never get pulled over or get in trouble with the police!
They just get away with it every time!



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