Why I Want To Go Back And Study Again

I left college last June 2013, and I couldn’t have been happier to leave. Don’t get me wrong I loved college, hanging out with your friends, learning new things about Graphic Design and widening my skills, but I couldn’t wait to leave and work full time in a Graphic Design industry.
I left college with a Distinction level Diploma and I am so proud that all my hard work paid off to achieve this grade.
Now I am constantly finding new things that I can learn about, and only have myself to motivate and teach me.
I miss being around people that I can compare my work with and learn from.
Having classmates to participate in my projects and be a model, or a main part of a task I set out to do.
I miss that..

I thought about going to uni but don’t like the idea of leaving home and going far away from everything I know; plus with social anxiety that seems pretty impossible for me to ever do..
I though about joining a local college again, but with the full time hours, I wouldn’t be able to work part time, whilst saving for a flat.
So the idea of college also seems like it could never happen.
I wish maybe I took another college class after I had left so I had another qualification under my belt.

I have looked into evening classes but all of these only last a couple of months and you don’t really gain a qualification, just experience, but maybe this is something worth doing.

I am only 20, but as I’m working full time and looking to get my own place, the thought of going back into education and back into my teen years just doesn’t seem do-able.

Advice I would give I anyone that is 18 or under and still in education, is to get as much education as you can and while you can.
Once you start working full time, you can feel trapped, and have a lot more expenses to pay out for, if you start driving, and are looking to move out from home.
Get your education while you can, and get a job that you love with your qualifications you have worked hard for!


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