Halloween Isn’t For All Of Us

Does anybody else not get excited about Halloween?
As a kid, I was not allowed to go trick or treating.
I was told that it was begging and I shouldn’t bother people.
I completely agree with this..
I have only been trick or treating once in my life, and I have never felt more uncomfortable.
Being stood outside a door with old ladies answering and offering me money because they ran out of sweets.
That’s not right..
I had people giving me fruit because they didn’t want to buy sweets, yet didn’t want me to go without.
Halloween is an American event.
It doesn’t mean anything, it’s not like Christmas.
Halloween can be fun for kids, I get that, but would you really want your kids knocking on strangers doors, begging?

I thought children were always bought up not to talk to strangers?
That’s what confuses me.
I’m all for dressing up and having fun, but why not have a party with your friends, rather than walking the dark streets and approaching strangers homes?
There’s dangerous people out there, and who knows who’s behind that door that your knocking on?
The whole idea has never appealed to me.
Tonight for example, I have left a note on my front door saying that I do not get involved with Halloween and trick or treaters.
I don’t see the point.
Why give out free sweets to people, that are begging on my doorstep?

And they are meant to say trick or treat when you answer the door, but I can guarantee 80% don’t have a trick, they are just knocking on your door for sweets, and don’t have a clue what to do for a trick..

I guess I’m coming across really harsh and mean, but that’s just my view.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Isn’t For All Of Us

  1. 30fatsingle says:

    To each his own … I respect your opinion but I disagree. Always loved Halloween! It’s my favorite day of the year. And I like that we can do things that normally would be considered really weird … like putting on a costume and asking strangers for candy 😛 I’m from a really small town where I know almost everybody so maybe that’s why I feel differently about it. I always was pretty confident that I was safe as long as I went trick-or-treating with friends! As a kid it was something I looked forward to.


    • girlandthedragon says:

      As I say, we all have different opinions. That’s great that you have a small town where everyone knows each other and you are able to feel comfortable! I’m not lucky enough to have that unfortunately. I guess different areas have different views due to upbringing and their surroundings ☺️


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