2 Ambulances In 2 Weeks!

Well what a couple of weeks I’ve had!
Two dramas, both involving ambulances! In two weeks!

The first was when my other half was driving us both to work, and we ended up crashing into the car in front after they decided to slam on the brakes suddenly, and of course, to top it off their brake lights weren’t working!

We was in a brand new company car, which just crumpled under the impact, whilst all the airbags went off, filling the car up with smoke.
We got out the car whilst Rob had a screaming match with the woman in the car in front.
And I sat on the side, holding my chest because I couldn’t breathe.
My other half had hit his head and was severely concussed but completely ignores all this because he was so worried for me.
Rob called his manager who came down to the scene immediately and phoned for an ambulance.
The woman in the car in front just went on her way after the screaming match was over, and the ambulance got there shortly after.
I sat in with a couple of paramedics who were so friendly and funny!
And they checked my blood pressure, done an ECG and managed to calm me down. By this point my hands and lips were blue where I was so cold, and a paramedic wrapped a blanket around me.
They were so lovely and eventually let me go on my way.
After all this I dragged my other half to hospital and demanded that he gets seen, as he was talking complete gibberish and I was terrified!
Crying frantically like a mad woman!
The doctor gave him lots of tablets and advised we both go home and rest for the day which we did.

The car accident has scarred me for life, and I don’t think I can get in the car with anyone else for a while now, which means I am driving everywhere!

The second incident was just this morning. I woke up feeling a bit icky but nothing major. I drove into work, walked into my office and sat down, when all of a sudden my vision started going and I felt really really faint. I managed to walk over to the fan and put it on full blast, whilst I struggled to take my blazer off due to the excessive amount of sweat sticking it to me (bit gross sorry) I remember everything going black and me falling to the floor.
When I came around, my manager, and colleagues were all standing over me, trying to sit me up; and then some paramedics walked in.
Eventually I managed to sit on my chair.
The scariest part was that I couldn’t move my hands. They were as stiff as a board, and my fingers were in really weird positions, and they were like claws! I couldn’t even pick up a bottle of water because my hands were just stuck in a weird position.
It was so horrible!
My whole body was filled with pins and needles and I couldn’t move my head or legs, and my stomach felt like it had one of them toning belts on!
The paramedics wheeled me to the ambulance, and they done more tests.
Because I had collapsed they had to take me to the hospital where I was seen straight away by a doctor, had a blood test done and several other ECG’s. The results said that my blood pressure is quite low, and I got a lecture about my bad appetite, and they instructed me to eat more and healthier!

Hopefully I won’t be seeing another ambulance for a while!


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