Oh Weekend, Where Have You Gone?


It’s Friday and your at work..
Watching the clock..
Every minute that goes by is a minute closer to the weekend.
When there’s hours to go you find yourself getting irritable and trying to keep yourself busy so that the time goes quicker and you will be home and ready for the weekend.
Time to rest, time to socialise with friends, time to sit back and put your feet up with nothing to worry about.

Finally! It’s time to go home!
You rush out that door, rearing to go home, thank god the week is over at last!
Two whole days free to relax!
You rush home and pour yourself a drink. You deserve to celebrate after such a long week, knowing that it is over for now.
You enjoy a glass of your favourite bubbly in front of the TV. A smile on your face knowing you can have that lay in tomorrow. Planning what to do on your day off if you haven’t already.
Go out with friends? Get your chores done? or just relax?
Oh the decisions, but you have two whole days to get things done!

Saturday mornings are normally spent getting the housework done, any shopping, or any jobs that you need to do. When it’s all done you can sit back and watch a film over lunch before dinner.
You can have a late night because well why not? You can have yet another lay in tomorrow and all the boring bits have been done that morning so Sunday can be your lazy day.
Ahh such a good feeling!

Sunday comes, you spend the day doing absolutely nothing.
Ahhh bliss..
You don’t get out of bed until late, still have your pyjamas on for half the day.
When you can finally be bothered to get ready, you do.
You potter about the house thinking about what else can be done before the working week starts again.
Oh no! Work tomorrow..
That dreaded feeling.
Where did my weekend go?
It went so quick..
I wish I had a longer weekend. I’m not ready to go back to work yet.

Sunday night you make the most of your free time before it all starts again..

Before you know it your alarm is going off on Monday morning..

Oh weekend, where did you go?


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