The Truth About Starsigns

So I have never been one to live my life by letting it be planned for me..

It’s interesting how you can tell people your starsign and they think they know your personality, because they follow the pre judged and determined characteristics that takes control of your charisma.

For people who believe in astrology, Starsigns can have a massive impact on your life and the decisions you make; this can be to the extent of your occupation, and who you end up marrying. According to the ‘signs’ there are starsigns that just do not mix and cannot be a love match. And there are a lot of people out there who will avoid falling for a person because of their starsign as they believe they could never be a good match.

There are 12 different Starsigns which each have been given certain characteristics, talents, strengths and weaknesses, aswell as being grouped into either an air, water, fire and earth elements.. Sounds confusing right?

So me for example.. I am a Gemini, which is apparently an air element.
I done some online research on my starsign and this is what I found on

As you might expect, those born under the sign of the Twins have multiple aspects to their personalities. They are avid collectors of information and gossip, always on the lookout for a new fact they can store away and bring up in conversation at a later date. Geminis are highly communicative and sociable, and love to be the centre of attention. Fortunately their ability to talk about anything to anyone means that they seldom flounder when the spotlight is on them.

In the financial world, Geminis sometimes have a remarkable knack for making money. However they are equally adept at spending it, especially if they are bored or understimulated. Geminis need excitement in their lives, and if it is missing then they will move on until they find it.

In relationships, Geminis need a partner who can keep up with them. If they find such a person then Geminis are loving and faithful – but if their interest is not maintained then they can be quick to walk away and put things behind them. Life for a Gemini has to be exciting and lived to the full!”

That’s a strong way to define me right? So all us Gemini’s out there are the same? A clone of each other who all have the same personality?

WOW! How small minded people can be..

I even read somewhere about where the erogenous zones are on a Gemini and what their sex life is like!
Oh come on! How can people live by what is on the internet and pre judge a person before actually getting to know them.
In my opinion a person is who they are because of their upbringing, who they associate themselves with, and what they have been taught. We are all entitled to our own opinions and we all think differently, we are only the same as each other if we allow ourselves to be; if we all follow and copy each other then the world will end up full of clones and quite frankly morons.
We need to be individual! Stand out from the crowd and make a difference!

Do you not agree?


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