Lions And Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Okay well no bears, but I did see lions and tigers as well as gorillas and many other animals at the Zoo last weekend!

I went to Port Lympe zoo, with my other half and his two children and my sister, and had a really good day!

The weather was nice and sunny, that morning so I thought as we were all free why not go out for the day?

The first thing we saw was monkeys, they we’re so cute! Especially the tiny baby ones!


Then we saw some rhinos, who were just laying there relaxing , they didn’t want to get up and say hello.


Then we went to the gorillas cage..
The biggest gorilla there was laying there sunbathing looking as bored as anything, poor thing..
He took a liking to my other half, as he kept passing him straw through the cage, this went on for about 20 minutes. Every time my other half threw it away, the gorilla would just hand him more, it was hilarious.



Then we got to the lions den. This was probably the saddest part as we saw a male and female lion cooped up in a cage which barely had enough room for them to run in. The female lion was laying down, looking like she had no energy to get up; whilst the male lion just paced up and down.


Last but not least we got to the tigers! Which was mine and my partners favourite part! I think they are such beautiful creatures, and my other half is always saying that if he wins the lottery, the first thing he will do is buy a tiger!


Before this day I hadn’t been to the zoo since I was very young, so it was a good experience! And I will be returning!


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