That’s Bananas!


I was recently advised by a colleague of mine to start eating bananas.
I’ll explain..
I have suffered with depression for a long while, always feel tired and in need of an energy boost, and I have tried everything I can to try and snap out if it.

Bananas have many benefits, such as they are very high in potassium, contain almost no fat, are very low on calories and are also high in vitamin B6 and fibre.
Apparently, according to the FDA eating bananas can decrease the risk of getting cancer, and lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Eating bananas are meant to be a good way of relieving depression, this is by the amino acid – tryptophan that it contains, plus vitamin B6, which together helps the body to produce serotonin; the natural chemical which relieves mental depression.

It has only been the past week I have started eating a banana or two a day, so it’s early days for me to review the difference yet, but I am hoping they make a slight change!


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