How To Remove Ink From Leather

This is definitely a tip I would recommend to anyone who has kids who like drawing over your cream leather sofa, or have managed to get ink on leather some other way!

So my other half became a human piece of art work yesterday, he had his kids over, and decided to let them use biro to draw all over his arms and chest (don’t ask) he then fell asleep topless on the sofa, and woke up this morning to find the ink had transferred onto the cream leather, and had made a huge mess.
He tried pretty much everything to get it out but no luck.
I was not happy as you can imagine!

So I looked online and one of the results that came up was to try an alcohol based hairspray..
I use silvikrin maximum hold, so thought I’d give it a go. I was told to spray hairspray all over the ink and wait five minutes before washing it off, but almost immediately after using the hairspray, I could see the ink running off, so I used a baby wipe and just wiped it off. I was amazed as the ink completely disappeared instantly!

One thing I will mention though is don’t overdo it with the hairspray. There is a chance it can lighten the leather and leave it looking bleached, luckily for me it didn’t happen on this occasion.


1. Grab your hairspray
2. Spray lightly over ink stain (keep about an inch away)
3. Leave for a minute or two if no instant reaction
4. Then wipe away with a baby wipe
5. Enjoy your stain free sofa!

Hope this little tip helps!



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