Don’t Get Scammed!

I have been meaning to write this post for a while as it has been something I have been fooled by, and due to how easily I was fooled, I will definitely warn others.
I was due to book my driving theory test, so did what I thought was right..
I went onto Google and typed in ‘book my theory test’ seems pretty simple right? The first result that came up was a site called book-your-theory-test. I have included a link for viewers to see, as to me the site looks pretty real and I never would have thought it was all a scam.
The process was simple, I put in my preferred test centre & date, and then proceeded to the payment.
There were 3 options:
A single test for £39.50
A test + 1 re-sit for £49.50,
Or a test + unlimited re-sits for £59.50
And of course just to top it all off I paid for the unlimited re-sits. So £59.50 was taken out of my account instantly, and I waited for my confirmation email. Nothing was received after several days, but I thought I’d wait a while longer. I waited a week and a half before I sent my first email.
I sent an email to the email address on their website which is
I wrote:
Hello I booked my theory test with you quite some time ago now, and I haven’t received a single email from you giving me a date or even confirming my booking, I have proof that I was charged and the payment of £59.50 for unlimited retests has been taken out if my account.
Please advise

Surprisingly I received a reply:

Thank you for your email. I have escalated your email onto the booking department as a matter of urgency who will hopefully resolve the matter as soon as possible and forward a copy of the confirmation email onto your email address.

Kind Regards
Book Your Theory Test

Great! I thought, hopefully I can sit my theory test soon!

Yet another week and a half went by and I was wondering what on earth was going on. So I went onto the website again and phoned their booking enquiry line (charged at £1.53 a minute) and was greeted by an automated voice welcoming you, and placing you on hold until someone is free to speak to you. After being put on hold for not even a minute, the line goes blank and you get cut off.
They also have a complaints number, which when dialled you are asked to leave a message after the beep, well after you hear the beep the line also goes flat.
So I sent another email, and of course no response. So several days later I send my third email, furious by this point, asking what on earth is going on..
Well before I found out it was all a scam, after many more unsuccessful phone calls, and two more furious emails, I looked online into reviews about this site, and was shocked to see all of the complaints that faced me.
Apparently the office address they give you doesn’t exist, the numbers aren’t real, and the site is run by a 32 year old guy from Birmingham who has been fined over £82,000.
But what shocked me is why this site is still running!
If this scammer has been found out and caught, then why on earth is this site still running, and are still able to take your money?!
I was advised by a fellow victim of this scam, to phone my bank, and give them the details of the payment that was taken, so they can look into the case and hopefully refund my money.
I was also told to contact the police to report the scam which I did.
It’s such a worrying feeling knowing that someone out there has your card details, your address, and your driving licence details, and who knows what their doing with it?
I gave all the details of the website, and was given a crime reference number, and they also said they will look into the case.

I am still waiting to hear back as this has happened to me fairly recently.
I just advise everyone reading this who is in need of booking their theory test, to go to the proper website at as I have also read a lot of the other sites out there that claim you can book your theory test in with them are also scams.
So be vigilant people and don’t be fooled as I was!


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