I found myself reading a blog the other night about the strangest injuries people have ever had.

It made me think about my younger years and some of the stuff that I had done.

1. I remember curling my hair one day when I dropped the curling iron onto my bare leg.. The pain was unreal.. And to top it off it for some reason it left a fish shaped burn which I had to walk around with for months

2. I was making myself some tea and toast, and as I reached over to get the toast out, the kettle clicked and the steam burnt the whole of my left forearm..
It was horrendous and I had to sleep in the bathroom with my arm in a bath full of cold water because every time I took it out, it hurt so bad where the air would hit it.
It melted my skin away and eventually scabbed over, and just as it was healing the skin was very loose and infected and I remember crossing the road with my nan and a car came out of nowhere, so she grabbed my poor arm and yanked me across the road, and was left with the disgusting-ness of my arm skin in her hand, whilst I had to wait weeks for it to heal over again.

3. When I was in year 8 at school we used to play ‘piggy back races’ as I’m sure you can picture..
One time I was on my friends back who was quite tall and she dropped me whilst running and I landed on my left shoulder and it dislocated..
I was in so much shock I couldn’t feel the pain at first, I just remember my friends backing away and one of them was actually sick at the sight of my arm awkwardly hanging out of its socket.
To make matters worse when I told my parents they didn’t believe me and called me a drama queen!
Months went past before they finally took me to the doctors who was shocked how I managed to cope with it for so long.
They referred me to hospital where they said they would try to physically tape it back into place!
Whoever heard of such a thing!
Well they done that and the pain was even worse than when I dislocated it! It only lasted an hour from me leaving the hospital before I had to ask my mum to rip the tape off, yanking my arm out of the socket again.
Oh wow it was a horrible experience! In the end I had to do months worth of physio therapy which helped slightly but to this day my arm still is not in place properly.


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