The Disappointing Sandwich


Do you remember being a kid and your mum making your pack lunches?

I remember putting my named lunch box on a trolley at school that was left there until lunch time when I could finally find out what my mum had made for me.
I was obsessed with food, so all day I would be thinking ‘I wonder what I’ve got for lunch today’ and hope it was something nice.

I know it sounds so ungrateful but when I used to find I had such a boring sandwich, I’d think my lunch was ruined. I used to sit in the playground and begrudgingly eat my lunch just for the sake of being hungry.

Now I’m a lot older I actually enjoy food shopping! I can pick out all my sandwich fillings, snacks, salads, and can have a lunch I actually look forward to.

I look back at my younger days and remember how much fuss I used to make about what I would be having for lunch, and also what my dinner would be when I was to get home.

Now it seems so funny, even though I do plan out my meals, it was the thought of not knowing what I was having and having no control when I was younger.


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