Did You Know?


So as I am gaining friends and followers here in WordPress, I would like to share some weird and interesting facts about myself for your viewing and feedback.
Also it would be cool if you could share ten facts about yourself too! ☺️

1. I have never been able to whistle, and have tried endlessly

2. I was overweight as a child and am now underweight and am unable to gain anything even though I can eat atrociously large amounts

3. My left shoulder is dislocated and has been for 6 years, it is unable to go back into place properly

4. I am obsessed with always having big hair, due to my rather large eyes and looking like some sort of alien if I have flat hair

5. I have a scar on my left hand due to a canoeing incident when I was younger

6. I have appeared in several music videos (nothing big – unsigned artists)

7. My eyes are a dark hazel but go ridiculously bright green in the summer

8. My tattoos have all been drawn up and designed by myself

9. I have had insomnia for several years and no sleeping tablet or remedy seems to work

10. I used to have a severe addiction to monster energy drinks, and had major withdrawal symptoms when I finally stopped drinking them.


15 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Kimberly M. Ringer says:

    These sort of post are always fun to read. Ok.. So a few strange facts about me.

    1. I hate tomato’s. That extends to the fact I don’t care much for ketchup, and have recently not been wild about red pasta sauce.

    2. I cracked my head open straight down the middle in the back and required numerous stiches. The area is still tender to this day.

    3. I’m claustrophobic, and loathe elevators.

    4. I have a number comprehension issue. I can’t comprehend numbers the way normal people do, and thus have a horrible time with math. ( Took 7 years to get all my math requirements done for college )

    5. I’ve been to more countries outside of the US, than I have been to states inside the US.

    6. Until my most recent move, I lived in the same county my whole life, even though I moved 4 times.

    7. My eyes change color depending on my moods.

    8. I don’t read the newspaper, news articles, or watch the news on a regular basis.

    That’s all I can think of right now. I’m quirky, but I can’t think of what makes me quirky. 🙂


  2. andy1076 says:

    Ow so unfair that you can eat and not worry! 🙂 I used to be obesely overweight and now I’m at a healthy level but it’s getting harder to maintain 😦

    If I may, how come they can’t reset your shoulder?


    • girlandthedragon says:

      Ahh weight is such a difficulty! Probably one of the biggest worries and causes of self confidence issues..
      And it dislocated when I was 13 and my parents never believed me due to the fact I was a massive drama queen in my school days, so it was left for so long until the day they took me to hospital and it was behind repair, my physio therapist had to physically tape my arm back into place but due to the horrific pain it caused they had to take it out of place again, a year of trips to the hospital helped, but it has never gone back into place since 😞
      On the plus side I can freak people out, by making it crunch and click and hang awkwardly haha


  3. Ellie Sofia says:

    I love your post – it’s great so i will try and come up with ten interesting (or otherwise) facts about me:

    1. I was a vegetarian for 20 years; then one day, suddenly really fancied a pork chop and that was the end of being veggie.

    2. I have an oval face and if my hairdresser cuts my fringe too short, i look like a boiled egg.

    3. I hate the loose hair in the basin after my hair has been washed and i call them gremlins.

    4. One of my feet is a whole shoe size bigger than the other.

    5. I believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden.

    6. I have one eye slightly bigger than the other so the smaller eye looks permanently half asleep.

    7. I live in the England yet have never been to Scotland, Ireland or Wales nor been abroad.

    8. I have wheels instead of legs. Well, really, the legs don’t work but the wheels do fine.

    9. I can do a nifty 3-point turn in my wheelchair despite never having driven a car.

    10. i eat 5 bananas every day but i haven’t turned yellow yet

    Well, that’s me! x 🙂


    • girlandthedragon says:

      Thanks for your reply! What brilliant facts! Glad I’m not the only one with having a hair obsession, it just has to be the way we need right?! Otherwise the effects can be drastic!
      The wheelchair moves sound impressive!
      I also have peculiar feet, I’m 5’6 and have size 8 feet and as I’m so petite my large clown feet do tend to get some comments,
      Oh how it’s good to be weird and wonderful! ☺️


  4. Paul Nichol says:

    I first came to Earth as a child with my parents for a holiday; I liked it so much that I returned 123 Earth years later and have never left, that was in 1564. Nothing much has changed, Earth is so quaint and the people……………..wow the people………….

    I am 650 Earth years old or 50 Goneoutofmymind’s.

    I have one blue eye, one yellow and 7 green, they don’t change colour like yours though.

    I don’t socialise much due to my skin condition; red scales are so obvious.

    Not much else to say about myself really………Oh, I like chocolate, but then who doesn’t?


      • Paul Nichol says:

        Yes, I used to spend a lot of time looking around. I loved sight seeing, but wherever I went, it seemed seven people were staring back at me. People do point at me though, so I guess I do get a lot of attention, and my life is very interesting. I must sign off now as the Doctor has just told me the drug experiment is coming to an end and its time of the antidote.


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