The Shoe In The Mud

Last night I decided to go for a drive with my other half.
We ended up at foots cray meadows where I could take some night time pictures of the lake and scenery.

I had to park my car at the graveyard next to it which was pretty scary.
The area is not that nice so I was constantly panicking about my car being broken into and vandalised.

After we had walked through the unexpectedly waterlogged fields in the pitch black dark, (where my other half had lost his shoe twice by this point) we made it to the lake.

I had a thick top on, a chunky cardigan, a coat, scarf and gloves and it was still absolutely freezing.
I was clinging onto my other half the whole time, as I could not see a thing and am scared of the dark (yes I know I am no longer a child, but hell this place is spooky at night!)

The fields were almost impossible to walk through, the dry parts were bumpy and I was constantly tripping over, and the rest of the time the water and mud was ruining my shoes (my poor vans!!)

So after worrying about the safety of my car and how ruined my shoes were getting, we finally made it to the lake, where I stood on the bridge.
I got my camera out of my bag, and it wasn’t working.
I could barely see it to change the settings on it..
There must have been a problem with the flash because all the photographs taken we’re coming out blurry and with a strange orange mist on them all. After walking around for a while and trying to get it to work, in the end I gave up.

We started to walk back through the field, where we were literally sinking into the mud, and rob’s shoe came off yet again. I was in fits of laughter as he hopped about on one foot with his sock covered in mud, and his shoe literally stuck in the mud.
He was begging me to go back and retrieve his shoe from the mud, but I was laughing far too much to take him seriously. (I did get it in the end)

We got lost on our way back to the car, and had to jump over a small lake in order to get to the other side to where the car was. Rob jumped over with ease, even holding my bag as he done it.. Me on the other hand was standing the other side of the lake whining like a six year old saying ‘I can’t do it, I’m scared’ over and over again. After about 20 minutes of my other half encouraging me to jump, he gave up and sat down in the mud waiting for me to pluck up the courage and just do it. I kept running up prepared to jump and then chickening out at the last minute.

Rob then rolled up his trousers and walked into the lake to carry me across. His shoes were already ruined by this point and he was tired of waiting for me. Once he was in the lake he realised it was too deep and he would not be able to carry me, so he went back over to the other side.
There was literally no other way for me to get across other than jump. I knew this but I just couldn’t get myself to do it.

My mind then started to play tricks on me and I thought I could hear voices.
Rob was sitting with his head in his hands, completely bored of waiting.
So I counted to 3 and just done it. I ended up with one foot in the water, shivering and miserable.
I started to complain (of course I would, I’m a girl) when my other half stopped me and said ‘Lauren I’ve jumped over here twice now, and have stood in this lake bare legged, my socks are soaked and muddy, so if anyone’s moaning it should be me’
Well that shut me up..

We made it back to the car after having several cigarettes for the stress, and I drove home.

Even though the photography side of the night didn’t go to plan, and we ended up cold, muddy and tired.
It was an experience to remember.


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