Freelancing & Why I Love It

So as mentioned I’m a freelance graphic designer,

People have asked me questions such as how do I find my clients? how do I have the time to come up with designs? What equipment do I use?
So this is a post to give information on what I do..

My pride & joy..
My laptop (Macbook Pro)
My camera (canon 600D SLR)
And of course all the accessories such as printer, photo editing software etc..
Yes these are expensive but so worth it.
I have always been passionate about design so it was all well worth getting.

To start off I look for new businesses opening up, or search the web for people who have a full time job but do part time work, for example mobile beauty therapists/hairdressers.

I then look at any existing branding they have to their name (some won’t even have a business card) and I then contact them offering my services for a reasonable rate.
50% of people will take you up on your offer and be grateful not to have gone out of their way to get designs for their company.

Some people worry about the cost and the fuss, so don’t bother promoting their business as much as they could. But with good designs, a logo, business card, price list, leaflet or whatever they need that could help them promote their business, it will go a long way and get them noticed.

When the client gets back to me, I ask them what they would like done, the time limit they need it by, and any specifications.

At my actual job, my working hours are 9-6 so I find time to complete design work in the evenings, and at weekends.
I love design so it is never a chore to me, I actually always really look forward to it.
You can do it in the comfort of your own home, and it really shows your talents.

So that’s pretty much it..

you can achieve anything if you truly try


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