The Missing Sock


It truly puzzles me how every night I go to bed with my cosy socks on (my feet get ridiculously cold) and every morning when I wake up, it’s always the left one that has disappeared off my foot and is nowhere to be seen.

It happened this morning..
I was freezing cold last night so had two pairs of socks on, yet when I wake up the left foot is ice cold due to the fact the two socks have gone missing from it.


Obviously they have slipped off during the night, but then surely they’ll be amongst the covers or at the end of the bed..

I hunted and hunted for them, not under the covers, not under the sheets, not at the end of the bed, not down the side of the bed, not fallen behind the radiator, not under the wardrobe..
These particular socks were a deep blue colour so it’s not like they could be camouflaged into the carpet.

I often go into a daydream about what could have happened to them..
I could have left my window open and a bird could have flown in and thought ‘ooh they look warm’ and stolen them..
Or somebody could be using a time machine from the future and could have gone back to last night for whatever reason, and stole my socks just to fuck with me..
Or the socks could have got fed up with being suffocated, and wanted to break up with my feet, so they slipped off and crawled away on their own, never planning on coming back..

If this was the first time it had happened I could let it go, but this is a common occurrence..



7 thoughts on “The Missing Sock

  1. ninafrancisca says:

    Hahah it is actually pretty creepy but I still had to laugh cause you are telling it in a fun way.
    But it’s actually so weird?! I read a story of a girl who couldn’t find her charger or something like that anywere, and she was pretty sure that she left it on the same place as she usually did. She searched for it everywhere but it was just gone. She looked on her bed but it wasn’t there. Then she screamed ‘I want my charger back’ and then she looked back at her back and there it was!! It seems so fake but this is a real story! So maybe just scream that you want your sock back hahah


  2. Lisa says:

    That is funny! Mine disappear from the dryer! I want to make a box called lost soles to put the sock in with no mate! They just walk off somewhere! Hugz Lisa and Bear


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