Why School Days Are Not The Best Years Of Your Life


To start off I’d like to say that this post is based on my opinion, and to those who disagree you are of course welcome to your own opinion as well.

I hated school.
Yes I know most teenagers will say that, and the minute they get thrown into the adult world, their like ‘woah okay, I did not sign up for this.. ‘

When I was at school I felt well ahead of my age, I didn’t understand the need to learn about subjects that I have no passion for, and no intentions to continue in the future.
Of course the basic maths, English, science, a brief bit of history, geography and religious studies I can understand.
I can say this because I am now 19 years of age and can admit that I have absolutely NO knowledge on the last three subjects like at all..

When I was at school I was not allowed to attend my history class..
To explain, when starting a secondary school these last 3 subjects are essential for the first two years, and it’s when your in the third year of school you are allowed to choose your own options.

Anyway when starting school, my history teacher always took a disliking to me – completely my fault..
She had a peculiarly long neck, and when she was angry it seemed to grow and grow until I genuinely thought her head would roll off the top of it..
Me and my friend used to have a bet before every lesson to see who could piss her off the most and be sent out first..
This one particular day, me and my friend was extremely hyper, and went out of our way to wind the teacher up. We was talking the whole lesson and left our bags on the desk and when she asked us to move them, my friend simply pushed her bag a couple of centimetres to the right, instead of putting it onto the floor as the teacher had requested.
Well she must have been having a bad day because she lost it big time..
She yelled at us both to get up and leave, because we was sniggering so much at my friends action (I guess it’s one of them things where you have to be there)
Ever since then we was not allowed back into that class, and the other history teachers wouldn’t take us in. So due to that, I have not learned anything to do with history.

The same story goes for geography. My teacher for this subject was also very odd, she had 5 different colours in her hair, and dressed very strangely.
Upon entering every lesson I would sing the convenient song ‘5 colours in her hair’ by Mcfly, and she would boil with rage.
It was hilarious..
In the end I got called into the head office and told this was bullying and I had to leave the class.
I thought this was hilarious and I had never been more proud.

With religious studies I was open minded to all concepts of religion, but took on an extra physical education class (I was really into running) these classes overlapped so hence I missed out on religious studies classes.

Your school days are for you to learn basic knowledge, find your skills, and dramatically decide what you want to do in the future.
To the majority of kids in schools, these years are to make friends and gain popularity.
If you put all your concentration into this, this is why you will not do well.

As long as you have experienced and gained knowledge on each subject, you should know what you are drawn too and what you dislike the most.
School years are full of, low self esteem, a lack of confidence, and young people desperately trying to fit in and be accepted.

They are not the best years of your life..

Do schools teach you how to buy a house? How to cope with life? How to become independent?

Of course not..
It’s just years of learning about stuff that kids don’t want too, and 50% of the time, don’t actually need to.

These years are not the best years of your life because they don’t teach you how to survive in the real world.
You leave school and you have to make one of the biggest decisions in your life.. Which is too choose what career path you want to go down.

And you have no experience and have to learn it all by yourself.
School is a cage your in where you are restricted in what you learn and how you behave. When your time has come to leave, you won’t know what to do with yourself, and would have had no lessons on the life you’ll have after school.

The best years of your life are the ones you create yourself.
The ones you can be proud of, and look back and say you gave it your all.
You have achieved everything you have because YOU worked for it..

Not everyone will agree, because not everyone would have hated school as much as I did.. the feeling of being made to learn something you don’t want too. And being told what to do and what you have to take part in.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on”


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