I Need To Sleep


So I’m laying here at half 3 in the morning, baring in mind I’ve had a really busy day and feel absolutely knackered. My whole body aches and I can’t bring myself to do anything..
But I have been laying in bed staring at the ceiling since 10 O’clock this evening..
Over 5 hours have gone past and I just can’t drift off to sleep. This is no surprise for me, this happens every night.

I’m awake and busy all day, and all I look forward to is going home, being tucked up in bed and having a good nights sleep, but it never happens..
I just lay here physically unable to drift off to sleep..
It’s so frustrating! Every morning I wake up even more miserable than the day before and can just manage to get through the day without going insane.

I just want my sleep back, all I ever get told is to ‘get into a routine’ I have a routine and I still can’t sort my sleep pattern around it. By the time I’ve gone to sleep I have to be up within 3-4 hours and it’s just not enough.
However tired I am, at night I just can’t sleep.

I have purchased several sleep apps and listen to them through my earphones at night, but it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference. No amount of therapeutic voices, or soft music can send me off..

Does anyone else have this problem?
If so all suggestions will be very much appreciated!



9 thoughts on “I Need To Sleep

  1. (Matt) Brisancian says:

    Yep, I have the same thing. However, the one bit of advice that I got, which turned out to work, was that insomnia is often caused by an overstimulated adrenal system. Caffeine was the major culprit to me, but it was cagey to track down. Turns out that a certain amount of caffeine – even if only consumed before noon, or whatever, can lead to a longer term adrenal out-of-whack-ness. And that was why even cutting back on coffee for a day or two didn’t help. Its a vicious cycle of course… when I was tired from insomnia, I drank more coffee, perpetuating the cycle. Had to go cold turkey, and within a week, things really were better.

    I don’t know if you’re a caffeine consumer, but things that stimulate the adrenals could do it, even after the “buzz” has long worn off.

    Good luck. It is a lousy, lousy place to be, I surely know that.


    • girlandthedragon says:

      Thank you for your comment, I used to drink a lot of coca cola throughout the day, now I just stick to water, and still have the same problem, hopefully I will just snap out of it, and it will resolve itself.


      • (Matt) Brisancian says:

        Interesting. So, no caffeine and not much sugar?

        You have a decent amount of brain food in your diet? Like fish oil/omega-3s? And a lot of vitamin D?

        Will run this past the guy who got me past it…


      • (Matt) Brisancian says:

        Probably have the D in that case. But Omega-3’s are considered an essential brain food, and they can’t be had in a multi-vitamin. American diets are generally stripped of 3’s and have a surplus of 6’s. Partly the way we process food, but a lot to do with how we grow/feed the food. Made quite a difference for me, both in terms of sleep and depression (gone now) when I started deliberately getting a lot more 3’s. Hence the fish oil thing. Capsules.


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