No Common Sense

I often wonder how I manage to get through daily life. My lack of general knowledge and common sense is absolutely shocking.
I have to share my latest experience as it has happened within the hour and i am just gobsmacked at myself..

So I booked my theory test in earlier this week, I chose to do it on a Thursday as this is a day I currently keep free. And put this week as my preference. The next day I had two confirmation emails stating it had been paid for and booked in. So I stayed up until early hours of this morning, doing mock tests and revising as much as I can. I get up early this morning, go over my revision notes, and feel slightly confident due to the amount of information I had crammed in.

I go all the way to the test centre after not finding my way and getting lost, wait patiently for half an hour whilst reading through my Highway Code book. I then join another que and when I finally get the front, I pass over my licence.. The guy checks on the system and says I’m not due to do my theory test today. Huh?
I then pass over my phone to show the confirmation email I had received to prove my test is booked in for this time. So he reads the email and smirks, he then confirms that my test is on a Thursday.. At 12 O’Clock.. But in actual fact I was two weeks early.. My test is on the 13th Feb.

I double checked the email for myself and with that I have turned bright red and just muttered ‘oh’ I was getting so many stares from everyone else in the room, and the humiliation was awful. The guy laughed and said “I’ll see you in two weeks Lauren, revise hard because I’m going to make sure I remember you for this”
Oh dear god… I gather my things and walk out of the test centre. It is pouring with rain just to add to the complete failure of a morning.

How did I not check the date?
Am I just not cut out for adult life and checking a simple date?
Instead I just assume it’s to the closest Thursday for my convenience.

Well I am home now enjoying a cigarette and a bar of chocolate, to make my day seem a little better.

Oh I do amuse myself..


6 thoughts on “No Common Sense

  1. elainecanham says:

    look at it this way = you could have been two weeks late. I turned up exactly one week late for my music theory test, god was I hacked off. Had to wait months for the next one. Never mind. Good luck.


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