The Language Of Music


Do you ever think of how much music affects our moods? Our feelings in a situation?
In this day and age music is part of daily life..
The catchy soundtracks used in films, the ones that remind you of that particular film every time you hear it.
You could be feeling so down and have no hope in being able to lift your spirits, and then you could hear a song on the radio.. That one song that makes you feel warm inside and fills you with happiness!
Or you could be carrying on with your daily routine and hear a song that brings back bad memories, and make you instantly stop what you are doing and drift into deep thought and a wave if depression..

This has happened to me a million times, I could be on my way out to meet friends, feeling happy and positive, then all of a sudden that one song that changes everything would pop into my head or be played on the radio, and I’d start to feel down and alone..

On the other hand I could be having a really terrible day at work and on the journey home, a song could start playing from my playlist, and make me smile to myself.. Putting me into a good mood, giving me a more positive view of life and wondering what the bloody hell was wrong with me two minutes before hand.

Music can change your actions completely just by the lyrics in the song, the tone it is sung in, the beautiful-ness of the melody, or even the anger of the words, making you feel that passion and emotion as the singer does. It can put you right there in the song with the artist and make you feel all the emotion that they are, and it’s as if you understand the meaning of the song.

Personally my favourite genre of music is rock. This has never changed since I was a child. On car journeys with my dad it was always Guns & Roses playing from the stereo.. I immediately took a liking to it, and as I grew older I gained more knowledge into bands similar, and developed such a deep passion and love for this style of music.

Don’t get me wrong I have listened to other genres, and have taken a liking to many others. I like some R&B music, but I feel the soppy love lyrics that are in most, are not true to life.
And why is that 99% of the time the lyrics always relate to sex??
I could be listening to a song and think, ‘oh okay, this has a nice tune, I could get into this’.. And then you get caught up in the words of the track, and realise that all that is being spoken about is sex, and half the time it’s not even being put in a nice way.

Also this may surprise those who know me personally, but I enjoy listening to peaceful piano melodies. There are so many skilled pianists out there, and later on in this blog, I will share my favourite with you.
I have been playing the piano since I was a little girl, and my proudest piece that I play is ‘Moonlight Sonata’ by Beethoven. This piece of music makes me drift into a relaxing world and completely captures me in the moment.
For someone who is a huge lover of rock/metal music I can understand why this could come as a surprise.

Music helps to create style. It gives you an image, the way you dress, the way you behave, can all be related to music.
I am a typical stereo-type for rock music lovers.
To briefly explain –
The dyed hair – I have changed the colour of my hair, to a bright red, purple, turquoise over the years
The piercings – 11 in total (so far) 10 of them piercings all being in my ears, and the other in my navel.
The tattoos – I have several tattoos to date, the most outstanding one, being the huge dragon I have on my forearm.
My dress style – I live in skinny jeans, mainly black, wear baggy tops with graphic prints, such as skulls or band logos, I have more pairs of converses/vans then I can count

You throw all of this together, and it will you give you my chosen appearance. This will be your typical stereotype for someone who listens to the genre of rock and metal music.

I am not for one minute saying that is always the case, there could be an individual who blares out punk/screamo music in their bedroom, and have a very elegant and classy appearance. It all depends entirely on the individual themselves and how they let music affect them.

Many tests and experiments have been carried out throughout the years to see the effects of music on attitude, appearance, style, and emotional response, and the majority of results have told us that music in fact does affect the way we come across.

We just have to choose how we let it affect us, either positive, negative, or not let it change us at all.



6 thoughts on “The Language Of Music

  1. Oloriel says:

    A lovely write, I totaly second everything you wrote. I am also reminded of those moments where I am somewhere and all of a sudden I start singing in my head a song, only to hear it start on the radio or someone elses Ipod 3 minutes later. The moment isntantly grounds me and makes me ltieraly feel how there is more to music and us and music together then just tones and moving and using vocal cords.
    I love that you can play the Moonlight Sonata!I always wanted to learn that! 🙂


    • girlandthedragon says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you agree ☺️ it completely changes my mood, and what I’m doing, the effects of it are amazing, and it’s the easy to learn once you keep practicing, YouTube tutorials helped me a lot! ☺️


      • Oloriel says:

        Now you reminded me of times when there was no Youtube and how I waited in countless of lines just to pay a cassette so a tune could enrich my day 😀


      • girlandthedragon says:

        I couldn’t possibly imagine..
        The internet has made life so much easier, and YouTube especially is so helpful for tutorials, and instantly playing music, it’s strange to think of what life was like before it.


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