If All Living Things Could Talk


Imagine how cool it would be if living things could talk. I mean take animals for example.. you could have any pet and you wouldn’t need to worry about being alone again.
You could have a pet goldfish and as it’s swimming around in its bowl, you’d hear it say ‘hey can you clean my water bowl? it’s getting kinda dirty in here’ and you could be like ‘oh I’m sorry buddy, I didn’t realise, shit.. I forget your not just a fish, I mean you have feelings and crap too’ and the fish could say ‘hey it’s alright, don’t feel bad about it man, I know your busy, but you know..when you get the time i’d really appreciate it’

And dogs.. If they could talk and even text! You can imagine being out and getting a message from your dog like ‘oh god, please don’t be mad at me but I erm heard a noise, and I kinda freaked out a little, and you know that new vase you bought, well I ran into the cabinet and it fell on the floor and smashed! Man I am so sorry!! I tried to sort of clean it up but then I panicked and took a shit on the floor.. And now, well.. It’s just a mess in here bro, I’m sorry.. If you want me to live in my kennel for a while I totally understand’…

You’d be able to understand your pets and know their thoughts, I mean, it would just be awesome.

You could be in the bathroom, and see a spider creeping across the floor and scream! Then the spider would say ‘oh, I didn’t know you was in here, I’m sorry, I’ll go wait outside until your done.. I just wanted to check out your new shower curtains.. I heard they’re pretty awesome’ then you could say ‘oh hey, don’t worry about it, you weren’t to know I was in here.. I’m nearly done bro, just stay over by the corner, I mean I don’t wanna step on you or anything’.. And the spider would say ‘of course man I’ll go right over here outta your way.. I’m really sorry again, god I’m so embarrassed’

And imagine if trees could talk..
You could be playing outside as a kid and decide to climb a tree.. You could approach one, and the tree would be like ‘oh not today, I’m sorry it’s just that my branches have been really aching today, but you know what? I’m sure my buddy over there with a lot of leaves wouldn’t mind!’

Imagine the awesomeness of life, if you could just communicate with all living things other than just humans.



9 thoughts on “If All Living Things Could Talk

  1. Nodamechi says:

    Ahah, loved this post! I can imagine dogs being that way to be honest… a bit hyperactive and messy, but I think that would make them my best friends even more.

    I must say though, that if everything had a voice I think I’d feel a bit guilty eventually just eating… think about it, if every leaf of salad started crying in front of you when you’re putting dressing on it or something, I’d feel like the most cruel being in the world, ahah 🙂


    • girlandthedragon says:

      Thank you ☺️ yeah exactly, i would end up having so many pets and probably cut myself off from all human interaction, because hey it’s gotta be fun to talk to your pet lizard right?

      I have literally just imagined a leaf of salad in tears on the end of my fork, screaming and sobbing as the fork was moving into my mouth, and me trying to drown out the pleads.. Hahahaha, there will definitely need to be some sort of law with this, and a way to choose what you hear.


  2. ninafrancisca says:

    Ohlorde, I am really enjoying this post and your blog is amazing! For me you really learned us a lesson….. When I will see a spider next time, I will remind this post and what you said about it and I wouldn’t be scared anymore haha! Thanks for following my blog! I will check out yours daily and follow it<3 love it!


    • girlandthedragon says:

      Aww thank you so much, that’s really kind! ☺️ I try to imagine that creatures I’m scared of can talk, so as you say, it makes me feel a bit less anxious haha,
      I’ll look forward to your posts! ☺️


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