Vegetarianism/ My Battle


I was a chubby child, not too extreme but I was bigger than the average. I used to snack endlessly when I could get away with it, and fill myself up on my Nan’s big dinners. On days out with my dad we would pig out on McDonald’s, and I was addicted to cheeseburgers. My dad actually nicknamed me ‘cheeseburger head’ for years.
When I stayed with my nan, every morning I would be awoken with a bacon sandwich.
Family’s meals out, I would order as much meat as I could..

One Sunday when I was ten my mum was cooking roast beef dinner, I remember how much I was looking forward to it.
Whilst waiting for dinner I was watching the program ‘kill it cook it eat it’ which happened to be on.
I watched the people on the program hang a cow upside down, slice it’s stomach open and pull it’s guts out whilst the cow was still alive.

From that moment my whole thought process on what I was eating changed, I sat and watched whilst a burger was made and I saw the remains of the cow rot away.
When dinner was ready I looked at my plate, pushed it away and said “no thanks mum, I will never eat meat again as long as I live”
No one supported me in my decision as they felt it wouldn’t last due to my eating routine before this moment.

9 years went past where I didn’t give meat a second thought, don’t get me wrong cutting meat out of my diet and the complete change made me severely ill. I lost over 4 stone during this period, and I became gaunt and freakishly skinny. I used to faint at school constantly and always felt run down and had no energy. I became anemic due to lack of iron, and my bones became weaker.

At first I took the loss of weight as a positive, and ended up cutting more and more food out of my diet, until the point I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and couldn’t cope with daily life.
I got help and in time I managed to regain a healthy diet and weight and I felt a lot better in myself, the support of my friends made me realise what I was doing, and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My point is, the media scares me. It can influence you in so many ways and you won’t even realise it until it’s too late.

To whoever is reading this, you are perfect the way you are and only you can look after yourself, do it, before things get out of control like they did with me.

Look after yourself!



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