An Odd Day In London


In December I had an interview at a popular TV company; they didn’t send me an address so I went to the one listed on their website, I had a lot of trouble getting there, and had to ask several people for help, when I knew I was in the right area I asked two women, and they managed to find hoxton square which is where I was looking for, the building was not marked, and as I pushed the door open, I found a group of builders inside working, they said the company didn’t move in for a while yet and are currently based somewhere else, one of the builders phoned the woman who I was meant to have the interview with as I had no battery on my phone, and she didn’t apologise for the mix up, she just told me to go to another address, I didn’t know where I was at all, and without battery on my phone I couldn’t find out or make any calls, the two women waited outside for me and asked me to join them for breakfast at a cafe just next door as I’m quite upset, so I sit and have breakfast with them and thank them for their kindness, as I’m trying to find my way back to the station to go home a guy attempts to mug me, but luckily someone witnesses and he ran off, I find a pay phone where I phone my mum after asking several homeless people to move out of the way so I could use the telephone, I finally find my way to the tube station and am home an hour and a half later.
When I amback in my area, 3 people wish me good morning, and I just smiled and couldn’t stop, because even though my day wasn’t as planned, if something is meant to be, then it will be..



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